Crossing Urban Boundaries


Crossing Urban Boundaries is a year long two part performance, installation and data visualization collaboration in with 20 Boston Public High School students, Boston based non-profit, the Urbano Project, and artist Alison Kotin.

Crossing Urban Boundaries was performed during the 2013-2104 school year at the Urbano Project, in Jamaica Plain, MA.


Part 1: I'm From Here


I’m From Here is an interactive installation documenting a public performance.

as group, we traveled each others most frequent public transit routes.

Our evolving discussion, observation and analysis about the impact of power and funding on urban planing was shared in a Gallery installation at the Urbano project.

mounted speakers paired and QR codes linked to sound recordings of group discussions and field recordings, as well as video, photographs, writing and found objects gathered by the teen artists.


The installation


The extended Gallery Tour


Part 2: Visualizing the MBTA

39_Poster - Bucket Lids.jpg

Visualizing the MBTA is a series of four wearable data visualizations and screen prints expressing key data in the debate correlating race and access to public transportation in Boston.


These sculptural data visualizations were presented to the MBTA’s route planning committee as part of a discussion between MBTA planning officials and Crossing Urban Boundaries participants and also worn for a public performance.

39_Poster - Bucket Lids.jpg
43_Poster - Whistles.jpg
42_Poster - cuffs.jpg
41_Poster - Crown.jpg
49_Photo - Crown .JPG

Discovering Our Own Data


In light of a recently released study from Northeastern University revealing that Black commuters in Boston spent an additional 66 hours a year waiting for the bus, the Crossing Urban Boundaries team created a data visualization by neighborhood mapping our own hours spent waiting and riding public transit.


Our Process